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Robert Grenier

photo: © Charles Bernstein 2006

Robert Grenier lives in a sometime ecstatic state, but sometimes not, in Bolinas, California where he extends the tradition of the pastoral poem in ways entirely his own. One of the most influential poets of his generation, Grenier has, over the past forty years, pushed poetry into constantly new frontiers of practice and utterance. Over the past decade, Grenier has created handwritten poems that cross the upper limit of inscription to be both writing and drawing.

Close Listening: Grenier in conversation with Charles Bernstein, October 20, 2006.

Grenier discusses his development as a poet, his breaking away from conventional book format, his movement toward handwritten or "drawn" poems, and his relation to Larry Eigner.

Complete Recording (26:57): MP3

program two:

Grenier reads from and discusses Sentences, a digital version of which is linked to his EPC page.

Complete Recording (27:34): MP3

A guide to the reading of Sentences in this recording:

At 3:54 in this recording Grenier discusses how his "Sentences" are an homage to Creeley. At 5:15 he discusses the relationship of one card to another. At 8:00: bird sounds and "Sentences"; at 9:55, he reads "Bird"; at 13:50, he reads an introduction to a French translation of the work; at 15:08 he reads a card, "Walking down Washington Avenue"; at 20:30 he reads "If rain, it's raining" in two ways; at 22:39 Charles Bernstein reads "rain drops the first of many"; at 26:20 Grenier counts to eleven and whistles (bird sound); at 26:36 he reads "A Bird."

WPS1 engineer: Lucy Sinanjuntak

Garlic in the Ground (Video)

Public Talk with Etel Adnan at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London, England, June 1, 2016

complete recording (45:59): MP3

From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Grenier on the Subway, October 20, 2006

Robert Grenier
Bob, Mimi Gross, and I met at Pecan's, in Tribeca, just before taping Close Listening at WPS1's Clocktower studio on Leonard Street. We walked across the street and  Bob sat on the stoop and talked about his visit to New York.
(mp4, 25 seconds, 4 mb)

Talk at the Opening Reception of 'Language Objects: Letters in Space, 1970-2013' Brooklyn, New York, May 18, 2013