Rough Trades

Charles Bernstein

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Rough Trades was originally published by Sun & Moon Press
Los Angeles, 1991
© Charles Benstein 1991
[pagination at foot of each poem refers to this edition]

PEPC Edition © Charles Bernstein 2005

No part of this book can be reproduced without the permission of the author.


Cover "My Valentine" by Susan Bee (1989)


The Riddle of the Fat Faced Man

The Kiwi Bird in the Kiwi Tree
“We Sell Ice Picks, Don’t We?”
Precisely and Moreover
Riddle of the Fat Faced Man
Getting Wise to Wherefores
Sites of Involvement
Nina’s Party at Judy’s Gym
Epiphanies of Suppression (3)
How to Disappear
Saltmines Regained
Rowing with One Oar
Targets of Opportunity
Whose Language
Verdi and Postmodernism

Rough Trades


Being a Statement on Poetics . . .
Reading the Tree: 1 and 2
Of Time and the Line
House of Formaldehyde
Weather Permitting
Force of Feeling
The Puritan Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalization
Filed Report
The Poet from Another Planet
Foam Post
Riot at 111 Station
Seven for Aotearoa
Slowed Reason
Beyond the Valley of the Sophist

The Persistence of Persistence


Fear of Flipping
Pockets of Lime
Blow-Me-Down Etude

Back Matter: bio and publisher's description