Larry Eigner: "around new sound daily means Selected Poems" (S Press, 1974)

Posted 4/2/2012 (link)

One of our newest additions is a 1974 cassette by Larry Eigner, issued by Germany's S Press under the title around new sound daily means Selected Poems.

Al Filreis has more information on the recording's history over on Jacket2:

On July 1 and again on July 11 in 1974, Michael Koehler recorded Larry Eigner reading twenty-seven of his poems in Swampscott, Massachusetts. The recordings were later released by S Press, as tape number 37 in their series, under the title Larry Eigner: around new / sound daily / means: Selected Poems. A number of university libraries — and of course individuals — own copies of the recording; but it is fairly rare at this point. Among the libraries with a copy is the special collections archive at the University of Connecticut, where the tape was apparently part of the materials Cid Corman gave them to form the Corman Papers there. I located the Eigner recording in the Corman finding aid, asked the UConn librarians to copy it for us at PennSound. (Many thanks for Melissa Watterworth Batt, curator of Literary, Natural History and Rare Books Collections there.) Soon after, with permission from Richard Eigner, Larry's brother and the executor of the poet's literary estate, we digitized, uploaded and then segmented the recording into individual poems. They are now available for both streaming and downloading at PennSound's Eigner page. We wish of course to acknowledge S Press for having made this recording available originally.

Jerry Rothenberg Eightieth Birthday Tribute Video

Posted 4/4/2012 (link)

Thanks to the extraordinary director and producer Colin Still (of Optic Nerve/Rockdrill Recordings/No More to Say & Nothing to Weep For: An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg 1926-1997 fame), we're very glad to be able to bring our listeners complete video coverage of the equally extraordinary Jerry Rothenberg's Eightieth Birthday Tribute, co-orgainzed by Charles Bernstein (to whom we wish a very happy birthday) and Pierre Joris at the CUNY Graduate Center last December.

Broken into four segments, the evening's event featured papers on and celebrations of Rothenberg's work by an all-star cast that included Ammiel Alcalay, Bruce Andrews, Mónica de la Torre, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Al Filreis, Michael Heller, Susan Howe, Rochelle Owens, George Economou, Carolee Schneeman, Anne Tardos, Lee Ann Brown, Anne Waldman and David Antin (whose tribute was read by Bernstein), among many others. Rothenberg closed out the evening himself with a reading.

In addition to the aforementioned videos, on the special page we've put together for this event, you'll also find links to Bernstein's announcement of the celebration on Jacket2, along with full texts of the tributes offered by Antin, Filreis, Robert Kelly, Jeffrey Robinson, George Quasha, Mark Weiss and Ernesto Livon-Grosman.

Ron Silliman: Kelly Writers House Fellows Programs, 2012

Posted 4/9/2012 (link)

We're starting off this new week with recordings from Ron Silliman's recent tenure as one of 2012's Kelly Writers House Fellows. We're proud to be able to bring our listeners both audio and video footage from these intimate events, recorded this past March 19th and 20th.

First up, we have Silliman's Monday night reading, which featured excerpts from Ketjak and Ketjak 2's shadow text, "Carnival of Affect," along with a fifteen-minute Q&A session with the audience. As with all Kelly Writers House Fellows visits, the reading was preceded with lavish introductions from Al Filreis, Rivky Mondal and Jamie-Lee Josselyn.

The following morning, Filreis and Silliman convened for a ninety-minute conversation, which touched upon a wide variety of topics, including the role of spontaneity and obsessiveness, embodiment and disembodiment within his writing, radical pedagogy, and the influence of Pound, Williams, Stein, Marx, Cage, Eigner, Grenier and Silliman's grandmother.

Silliman was the second of this year's Kelly Writers House Fellows, following Karen Finley's February appearance, and preceding John Barth's visit later this month. You can watch and listen to the events mentioned above (all of which have been segmented into individual audio tracks) by clicking on this entry's title, and for more information on the Kelly Writers House Fellows program (including how you can see the Barth events in person or live via KWH-TV), click here.

Heatstrings: Louisville Conference Reading at Alan Golding's House, 2012

Posted 4/11/2012 (link)

Thanks to Aldon Nielsen, we're able to bring you a recording of this year's reading at Alan Golding's house, traditionally held in conjunction with the University of Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture After 1900 (which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year).

Recorded on February 25th, the informal and intimate reading includes brief sets by Norman Finkelstein (reading the work of Paul Bray), Joseph Donahue, Alan Golding (reading the work of Ed Dorn), Aldon Nielsen, Peter O'Leary, Jennifer Ruppert, Mark Scroggins, Laura Richardson and Tyrone Williams, before concluding with Finkelstein reading his own work.

You'll find segmented MP3s for this event on our Heatstrings archive homepage, along with a special sub-page for the annual readings at Golding's house. On the latter, you'll also find sets from the previous two years, which also include sets by cris cheek, Pat Clifford, Michael Davidson, Carla Harryman, Michael Heller, Cathy Wagner and Barrett Watten, among many others.

Cross Cultural Poetics: Nine New Programs, 2012

Posted 4/16/2012 (link)

We're starting this week off in grand fashion with nine new shows from Leonard Schwartz's groundbreaking radio program, Cross Cultural Poetics, including a landmark 250th episode.

We begin with Episode #243, "Zaher/Foster," broadcast on January 5, 2012, which features Maged Zaher discussing his collection Portrait of the Poet As an Engineer and Talisman House founder Ed Foster talking about the newest releases from his press. Next, from January 12th, we have Episode #244, "Dhompa/Schultz," with Tsering Wangmo Dhompa and Susan Schultz reading from their latest books, my rice tastes like the lake and Memory Cards 2010-2011, respectively.

January 17th brings us Episode #245, "In Translation," where Andrea Lingenfelter reads her translations of Zhai Yongming and Raul Zurita reads Daniel Borzutsky's translations of his own work, and translation also features into the following week's episode, "Locomotrix," where Jennifer Scappettone read her translations of Amelia Rosselli alongside Schwartz's conversation with Vit Horejs, director of the Czek Marionette Theater.

February's lone program, Episode #247, "Burning City," showcases Jed Rasula, who discusses the new anthology he coedited with Tim Conley, Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity. In March, Schwartz returned with Joseph Donahue (who read from his latest, Dissolves) and Seattle Opera Orchestra conductor Gary Thor Wedow (who discussed their recent staging of Gluck's Orpheus and Eurydice) in Episode #248, "Of Voice." Two more dynamic pairings followed — playwright Jim Findley and poet Mike Basinski in Episode #249, "What the Plants Said/Trailers, and poet Charles Alexander and essayist Christopher Merrill in Episode #250, "Water and Tree" — before our new additions close with Episode #251, "Paris Views," in which Michael Joyce reads from and discusses his recent book of the same name.

You'll find hundreds of previous episodes from the series on our Cross Cultural Poetics homepage, and don't forget to keep an eye on on Jacket2, where Schwartz has been posting commentaries on shows from the Cross Cultural Poetics archives since the start of the year.

David Buuck: New Author Page

Posted 4/20/2012 (link)

Our latest author page is for Bay Area poet, editor and somatic provocateur David Buuck, and is anchored by a quartet of new recordings that come to us courtesy of the marvelous Andrew Kenower of A Voice Box fame.

Our most recent addition is a 2011 set at Condensery, and this is joined by a 2010 set at Erin Morill's house and two readings from 2009 — one as part of The (New) Reading Series and the other at Books & Bookshelves. These four recordings, totaling two hours of new materials, are joined by two full-length Segue Series sets recorded at the Bowery Poetry Club in 2005 and earlier this year, as well as the 2004 MLA Offsite Reading in Philadelphia.

In our PennSound Daily announcement of last February's Segue set, we directed our listeners to check out Thom Donovan's Jacket2 commentary on the reading and it's also worth mentioning Donovan's essay, "Somatic Poetics" (also at J2), in which Buuck's work is discussed. We couldn't be happier to have Buuck's work as part of the PennSound archives, and look forward to further additions in the future.

Caroline Bergvall: Charles Bernstein Class Visit, 2012

Posted 4/23/2012 (link)

Here's one of the latest additions to the PennSound archives: a ninety-minute recording of Caroline Bergvall's visit to Charles Bernstein's experimental writing seminar on "constraints and collaborations" last Monday.

Bergvall begins by briefly discussing the role of transcription in her recent collection, Meddle English. "I engage with exercises of transcription in this book and otherwise ... it's a form of thinking about documents that I find very interesting. Some of the documents in this book ... deal with transcription and deal with a way of rethinking documents, and from then what are you going to do with those documents, how are you going to address your approach to the documents?" Specifically, she discusses the role of failure and restriction in her writing, as well as her experiments with film and recorded sound, focusing on "off-page environments" — "there's the textual impact, there's the methods used and there are the methods used when you move into other environments, whether there's sound recordings, whether there's sight, whether it's a live reading . . ." and so forth. After her opening explication, she opens the floor to questions from the students and others present, leading into a long and fascinating exchange.

You can hear this recording and many others on PennSound's Caroline Bergvall author page, and keep an eye on Jacket2, where a new discussion between Bergvall and Rozalie Hirs will close out a.rawlings' "Sound, Poetry" feature in the near future.