Marjorie Perloff on "The Waste Land," Norway, 2012

Posted 8/17/2012 (link)

PennSound Daily is back after a brief hiatus (during which I moved from Ohio to Michigan), and we're starting again in the same way that we left things off a few weeks ago — with a recording from Marjorie Perloff's barnstorming summer tour of Norway.

Recorded five days after her "Modernism, Christianity, and Apocalypse" conference talk at the University of Bergen in Norway, "To Change Your Life: Wittgenstein on Christianity," this seventy-two minute presentation on T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land was given (also in Bergen) for the avant-garde group Audiatur, nicely complementing their biennial Audiatur Wasteland festival, held this past April — a multi-day tribute and deconstruction of Eliot's modernist masterpiece.

This talk is made available in both audio and video formats and on PennSound's Marjorie Perloff author page, where you'll also find a wide variety of recordings from 1989 to the present.

John Wieners Reading in San Francisco, 1990

Posted 8/20/2012 (link)

Today we're highlighting one of two new videos that come to us courtesy of Kush and his Cloud House Poetry Archives: a 1990 reading at the Poetry Center at the San Francisco State University by the legendary John Wieners.

This landmark fifty-minute recording begins with introductions by Robert Gluck and Kevin Killian, with the latter giving a rollicking encapsulation of Wieners' poetic career from his Bay Area roots to the present, observing that this is the poet's first reading there in fifteen years. Wieners' loose and intimate half-hour set, delivered in a hushed voice leaving the audience in rapt attention, includes both poems and the script of a radio play. Afterwards, he's joined by Killian for a twenty-minute interview.

As Charles Bernstein notes in a recent Jacket2 commentary post, this recording is the only video document of Wieners available on the web, and we're honored and ecstatic to be able to host it. You'll find it on our homepage for the Cloud House Poetry Archives, as well as our John Wieners author page, which is home to a dozen recordings of the poet, from his 1965 Berkeley Poetry Conference set up to his final public reading at the Guggenheim Museum in 1999.

James Schuyler Reading in San Francisco, 1989

Posted 8/22/2012 (link)

Our week of new video additions continues with the second of two new videos that we recently received from Kush and his Cloud House Poetry Archives. Once again, we've got a legendary poet reading in the Bay Area, and in this case our new video of James Schuyler reading at the San Francisco Art Institute in February 1989 augments an audio recording of the same set that's been available on our site for three years. Here's our original write-up of the event, from an October 2009 PennSound Daily entry announcing six new Schuyler recordings:

[Schuyler's November 1989 reading with John Ashbery at the 92nd Street Y] is nicely complemented by a reading several months earlier at the San Francisco Art Institute at the invitation of Bill Berkson, who celebrates the recent publication of Schuyler's Selected Poems by noting that "the appearance of virtually every one of Mr. Schuyler's books, and indeed of any poem of his in a big or little magazine, has constituted, for the poets of my generation, something on the order of an epiphany. One anticipates his poems the way one anticipates, with whatever degree of eagerness or need, the break of a new day in one's life, because Schuyler's poems are primarily accounts of what there is to be lived on particular days, and no one else does this quite the way he does in poetry." While there's quite a bit of overlap between this set and the previous one, a few standout poems unique to this reading include "February," "Light Blue Above," "Today" and "Light from Canada."

As was the case with Monday's John Wieners video — according to Charles Bernstein's recent Jacket2 commentary post — this is the only video of Schuyler available on the web, and we're equally glad to Kush that we can share it with our listeners. You'll find it on our Cloud House Poetry Archives page, as well as on our James Schuyler author page, and don't forget about "A Schuyler of Urgent Concern," the David Kaufmann-organized Jacket2 feature on the poet which we first wrote about at the start of last month.

'Dome Poem NC,' a Film by Lee Ann Brown and Tony Torn, 2011

Posted 8/24/2012 (link)

Since we've been been focusing on exciting new video additions this week on PennSound Daily, there's no harm in finishing with one more. The marvelous Lee Ann Brown, who's been making fruitful use of her time in North Carolina with both the French Broad Institute (of Time and the River) and a book-length project The Spirit of Black Mountain College (co-edited by Rand Brandes) has channeled the latter into Dome Poem NC — a short film, "lecture demo and call for work," made with husband Tony Torn and inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic domes. Blending text, images, music and live action scenes, Dome Poem NC includes poems by Brown ("Geodesic Dome"), along with Erin O'Neal ("Ephemeralization"), Cheryl J Fish ("Pleasure Dome/Supine Dome"), Timothy Dyke ("Symmetry to Mound and Minds Are Bumps") and Leah Souffrant ("My Long Short Talk on Black Mountain Which Is Invisible") and invites viewers to consider what their own geodesic dome poems might be.

You'll find Dome Poem NC on PennSound's Lee Ann Brown author page, which is home to a wide variety of readings, performances, talks and films from 1988 to the present. To start watching, click the title above.

Michelle Taransky: Two GChat Poems, 2012

Posted 8/28/2012 (link)

After last week's announcements of new videos from John Wieners, James Schuyler and Lee Ann Brown, we'll keep the poetic/visual delights coming this week.

First up, we have a fascinating video short from Michelle Taransky, who offers a preview of her new collection, Sorry Was in the Woods (forthcoming from Omnidawn in 2013) with Two GChat Poems, recorded this past June. Here, she shares the poems "A Thought the Same as the Bough" and "After the Timber the," reading and typing simultaneously, and aside from being a novel presentation, it sets up several fascinating juxtapositions — between text and voice, but between the poem's visceral, organic subject matter and the disembodied technological presentation.

You can watch this short film on our Michelle Taransky author page, where you'll also find a startling array of readings, talks, introductions, panels and much, much more.

An Exclusive Clip from Matt Wolf's 'I Remember: a Film About Joe Brainard'

Posted 8/30/2012 (link)

While we've unveiled some wonderful videos over the past two weeks, our last new addition might be the most exciting yet.

Filmmaker Matt Wolf (who directed the much-lauded Wild Combination, a documentary on the life of avant-pop cellist Arthur Russell) is back with an exciting new project — I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard — a haunting and gorgeous meditation that deftly intertwines both imagery and audio to create a compelling tribute to the artist and author. We're very glad to see Brainard commemorated in such grand fashion, and happier still that Wolf was was kind enough to share an exclusive clip with PennSound. In it, longtime friend, collaborator and confidante Ron Padgett discusses Brainard's early development as a visual artist and his ability to work confidently in a wide variety of media and forms, never becoming complacent in one style.

On the special page we've put together for this video, you'll also find the film's trailer, a brief synopsis of the documentary and a link to the film's website, where you can find more information. While you're checking it out, don't forget about our main Joe Brainard author page, where you'll find a half dozen or so recordings from the 70s and 80s, including the readings from I Remember that form the backbone of Wolf's film.