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  • Issue #12
  • Edited by Patrick F. Durgin and Chris Funkhouser
  • Autumn/Winter 2002-2003

Disc One

  1. Charles Bernstein - "A Defense of Poetry" - From My Way: Speeches and Poems (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999). Charles Bernstein recorded by Chris Funkhouser and Belle Gironda, 27 July 1994, Monterey, Mass. MP3 (5:12), text (from Cybergraphia)

  2. Sawako Nakayasu - "Capacity" MP3 (1:34)
  3. Akemi - "What The Grafittist Meant" / Seacreature - "Back From Nowhere"/Colossus & Guardian - "Square Sunshine" MP3 (4:35)

  4. Lauren Gudath & Jay Schwartz - "You See What's Evident" - Lauren Gudath: voice / Jay Schwartz: electronics and recording / Vanessa Wang: synthesizers MP3 (1:48)

  5. Will Alexander - "A National Day in Bangladesh" - Text originally published in Caliban #10, 1991, Lawrence R. Smith, ed. Will Alexander recorded by Chris Funkhouser August 1993 at The Grassy Knoll, Los Angeles. MP3 (4:27)
  6. Anne-Marie Albiach - Selections from ETAT (ENIGME IX) and MEZZA VOCE (Esquisse: << le froid >> ) - Read by the author in her mother's apartment on the rue de l'Hotel de Ville in Neuilly, France, on July 29, 2000 and July 31, 2001 and recorded by Jonathan Skinner. MP3 (6:57)

  7. Allen Ginsberg - HUM BOM - Allen Ginsberg recorded by Chris Funkhouser, 22 April 1994, Hudson, New York (Columbia-Greene Community College). The original version of "HUM BOM" appeared in The Fall of America (City Lights, 1972); this extended version was published in Cosmopolitan Greetings (Harper Collins, 1994). Used by permission of the Allen Ginsberg Trust. MP3 (3:06)

  8. Hannah Weiner - from "May from the Journal in June" - Hannah Weiner, poet and reader; Sharon Mattlin & Rochelle Kraut, readers. Produced and recorded by Charlie Morrow. Poetry © Charles Bernstein for Hannah Weiner in trust; recording © 2001 Charles Morrow Associates, Inc., New York NY. MP3 (6:12)
  9. Murat Nemet-Nejat - "a hippo's anus..." - Murat Nemet-Nejat recorded by Chris Funkhouser, 22 June 2001, Staten Island, New York. MP3 (0:20)

  10. Kristen Gallagher - "What Is Language For?" - "What Is Language For?" is compiled from responses to that question, made by various people encountered while walking around Philadelphia with a DAT recorder and microphone. Assistance from Joseph Taylor, Jr, WXPN of Philadelphia. MP3 (1:32)

  11. Rodrigo Toscano - "Pre-Capitalist Duende Outbounds Archie-Dependent Kontent?" Recorded by the author, summer 2001. MP3 (1:39)

  12. Andrew Levy & Gerry Hemingway - "CURVE Black Plateau" - Gerry Hemingway: percussion & electronics / Andrew Levy: voice. Recorded 4/19/95, Roulette, New York City. Text from Curve (Oakland: O Books, 1994). MP3 (2:20)

  13. Bobbie West - "Perforation" MP3 (0:43)

  14. Bruce Andrews - "TABLOID" MP3 (4:12)

  15. Eileen Myles - fragment from Cool For You - Cool For You is published by Soft Skull Press. MP3 (3:54)

  16. Amiri Baraka - "Wooden Negroes Appear at a Slam" and several "Low Coups" - Amiri Baraka recorded at his home in Newark, New Jersey, by Chris Funkhouser, 9 July 2001. "Wooden Negroes..." appears in XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics #9. MP3 (5:08)

  17. Groundzero Telesonic Outfit International - "Chapter Zero: coordinacion." MP3 (2:40)
  18. Edwin Torres - "We Speak Saying Nothing" - Music and mix by Edwin Torres, using T.S. Eliot's voice. MP3 (2:04)

  19. Purkinge - "Bonne chance" - Purkinge (Charles Baldwin, Eric Douglas, Chris Funkhouser, Belle Gironda) recorded and mixed by Chris Funkhouser, July 1994, Albany, New York. This segment was taken from the tape used during the group's performance at the 1994 Lollapalooza Festival. MP3 (5:07)
  20. Nathaniel Mackey - from ATET A.D. - Nathaniel Mackey recorded by Chris Funkhouser, 7 April 1994, Albany, New York (University at Albany). This letter appears in ATET A.D. (San Francisco: City Lights, 2001). MP3 (2:50)

Disc Two

  1. Leslie Scalapino - WAY MP3

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the authors. © 2004 Kenning participants and Leslie Scalapino. Used with permission of Kenning participants and Leslie Scalapino. Distributed by PennSound.