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An Experioddicist is a participant in Experioddica, coined by Bob Grumman in the late 1990s and defined by him as -- term originally used for experimental odd periodicals devoted to exotica, but whose meaning seems to have spread to cover all forms of underground art, science & other forms of culture (including, obviously, cyberculture).
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EDITOR: Jake Berry
Address: 9th St. Laboratories
P.O.Box 3112
Florence, AL 35630
E-Mail: NinthLab@aol.com
Format: Paper subscriptions available

Experioddi(cyber)cist #1
Contributors: Jack Foley, Greg Evason, Bob Harrison, Benny, Mike Kessel, Bill Paulauskas, Malok, John M. Bennett
Experioddi(cyber)cist #2
Contributors: Harry Polkinhorn, Carolyn Steinhoff Smith, Calum Selkirk, Ficus strangulensis, Jim Leftwich, John M. Bennet, Jack Foley, Ken Harris, Jack Shadoian, Greg Evason, Hank Lazer
Experioddi(cyber)cist #3
Contributors: A. di Michele, Ficus strangulensis, Jack Foley, John M. Bennet, Alan May, Gregory Vincient St. Thomasino, Malok, John Noto, Jim Leftwich, Calico Brahman
Experioddi(cyber)cist #4
Contributors: Gregory Vincient St. Thomasino, A. di Michele, Jim Leftwich, John M. Bennett, Jeffrey Little, Malok, Ficus strangulensis, Harry Polkinhorn, Jack Foley,
Experioddi(cyber)cist #5
Contributors: Gregory Vincient St. Thomas, Hank Lazer, John M. Bennett, Carolyn Steinhoff Smith, Robert Sward, Jack Foley, A.diMichele, Ficus strangulensis, Tracy Thomas, John Noto, Malok, Jim Leftwich, Alison Stateman, Jonathan Ashworth
Experioddi(cyber)cist #6
Contributors: Fabio Doctorovich, Ficus strangulensis, Michael Basinski, Jack Foley, Jim Leftwich, Chris Mansel, Jim DeWitt, John M. Bennett, Malok, Hank Lazer, A. diMichele, Robert Sward, Alison stateman, Dennis Saleh, Lawrence Weinstein,
Experioddi(cyber)cist #07
Contributors: Jack Foley, Kenneth Sherwood, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Michael Basinski, Jeffrey Little, Ficus strangulensis, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Fabio Doctorovich
Experioddi(cyber)cist #8
Contributors: Fabio Doctorivich, Jack Foley, Jim Leftwich, Michael McClure, Dan Raphael, Steven Hirsch, Harry Polkinhorn, Hugh E. L. Rozelle, travischaney, Ann Erickson, Ficus strangulensis, Chris Mansel, John M. Bennett, Greg Vincient St. Thomasino, Peter Ganick, Malok, Jeffrey Little, Jim Leftwich, Michael Basinski
Experioddi(cyber)cist #9
Contributors: Jack Foley, Jeffrey Little, Michael McClure, Steven Hirsch, Thomas Lowe Taylor, A. diMichele, Fabio Doctorovich, Ann Erickson, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Harry Polkinhorn, Malok
Experioddi(cyber)cist #10, Part 1
Contributors: Harry Polkinhorn, Ivan Arguelles, Joe Speer, Michael McClure, Jim Whizz, Jack Foley, Hank Lazer, Steven Hirsch, Jim Leftwich, Malok, Neeli Cherkovski, Thomas Lowe Taylor, John M. Bennett
Experioddi(cyber)cist #10, Part 2
Contributors: Jeffrey Little, Steve Carll, Taz Delaney, Stephen-Paul Martin, Don Webb
Experioddi(cyber)cist #11
Contributors: Hank Lazer, Jack Foley, Thomas Lowe Taylor, Jim Leftwich, Jeffrey Little, Robert Frazier, Andrew Joron, Jim Whizz, A.DiMichele, Harry Polkinhorn, John M. Bennett, Malok
Experioddi(cyber)cist #12
Contributors: Chris Daniels, John M. Bennett, Taz Delaney, Jim Leftwich, Amy Trussell, Steve Carll, Tony Leuzzi, Chris Mansel, Jack Foley, Matt Hill
Experioddi(cyber)cist #14
Contributors:Malok, John Landry, Amy Trussell, Michael Basinski, William Marsh. Chris Mansel, Jennifer Connolly, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Ivan Arguelles, Jack Foley
Experioddi(cyber)cist #15
Contributors:John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Jacques Debrot, Beny Jenkins, Jack Foley, Barry Powell, Wes Britton, Malok
Experioddi(cyber)cist #16
Contributors: Noah Berry, Glenn Becker, Mark Peters, Anabasis, Michael Basinski, Amy Trussell, Jim Leftwich, John M. Bennett, Harry Polkinhorn, Karen A. Kuehmeier
Experioddi(cyber)cist #16 Part 2 (Tribute to Allen Ginsberg)
Contributors: Neeli Cherkovski, Jack Foley, Ivan Arguelles
Experioddi(cyber)cist #17
Contributors: Tim Gaze, Ivan Arguelles, Barry Powell, C.C.Sykes, Matt Powell, John M. Bennett, Harry Polkinhorn, Neeli Cherkovski

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